Dataset: Election Study 1975


The data are based on 16 Danish general election surveys. The surveys have been collected immediately after the 16 general elections, which have taken place in the period from 1971 to 2011. In one case, regarding the election in 1971, data was collected both before and after the election. The aim of the studies is to contribute to research about elections and voting behaviour. The studies are about one specific general election and the political issues, which were important during this election. In some studies questions about county and municipal elections are included.  

Furthermore the surveys deal with the respondent's political party preferences, including which party the respondents actually voted for at the general election and what the respondent perceives as the election's main political topic. In addition to these 'choices specific' questions, the surveys attempt to uncover the respondents' political views and which political issues the respondent considers important. The aim of these questions is to describe the general political debate. Furthermore the studies contain a number of media questions and questions dealing with the respondent's interest in various political problems. These questions focus on the major problems such as nuclear power, the European Union and Democracy - which of course varies from year to year - and the respondent's involvement in political discussions. Finally, the respondent's class affiliation, organizational membership and employment situation (unemployment) is clarified.  

The following keywords are relevant regarding the surveys: decision time; user charge; democracy; the public sector; refugee policy; general election; constitutional treaty; globalization; green politics; attitude towards politicians; interest in politics; international conflict; mass media; membership of a political party; compassionate confidence; public debate; public expenditure; party leader; party preference; politician; political party; political position; tax cut; welfare spending; voting; voting intention; sentencing; life satisfaction; trust; outsourcing of public functions; choice; election campaigns; voting behaviour; economic situation.

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Election Study 1975

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Department of Political Science University of Aarhus

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