Dataset: Surveys About the Formation of Public Opinion 1999-2003


This data documentation publication has been prepared on the basis of 12 studies that were collected by SFI - The Danish National Centre for Social Research for Lise Togeby. The studies are part of lager study unraveling power relations in Denmark, which in 1997 was initiated by the Danish Parliament. The purpose of the studies is to contribute to the research on the formation of public opinion. The following components are highlighted in the studies: how opinions develop in the long-term, what creates periodic fluctuation and the relationship between opinions and the media. The themes of the studies are the formation of opinions, such as attitudes to immigrants and refugees, EU, foreign policy in general, the welfare state, the environment, the Oresund Bridge, law and order, foreign aid, and public awareness of political issues.

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Surveys About the Formation of Public Opinion 1999-2003

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Department of Political Science University of Aarhus

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Technical Report by Danish Data Archive Surveys 1-11 (Danish)

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