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The heads of institutions are responsible for providing local service and implement the relevant policies appropriately. At the same time, they are responsible for the well-being of their employees. As a consequence, they are important for the municipalities in order to make the welfare state fulfill its purpose. The management situation in the municipalities has been characterized by a larger degree of complexity as a consequence of new administration and management styles implemented during the 1990's. Therefore, it is noteworthy that only a few systematic studies of their management have been conducted.

This data seeks to shed light on the characteristic features of management in day care centers, at schools and among managers in nursing homes in Denmark. These areas attract a lot of political attention and play a great role in providing primary care and welfare for the citizens. They are therefore considered to be of great importance.
More specifically, focus is on providing a better understanding of the background of the heads of institutions: how are they and what have they done, how much do they work, and how do they perceive their role and identity as managers, but also how do they relate to their colleagues and the environment. Finally, some questions cover the barriers to good management.  

The variables in the data set cover the following general themes:
· Social biography/introductory questions
· The job as a manager
· The management situation
· Abilities of a manager
· Good management and barriers to good management

A survey has been conducted among managers in day care centers, schools, and nursing homes in 74 municipalities, chosen by a stratified selection procedure. The institutions themselves comprise a representative excerpt of the institutions in the respective municipalities. The total number of responses is 1148, which equals to a response rate of 68.9%. The answers are distributed equally on all of the three sectors.  

The response rate is considered satisfactory, and the answers are therefore deemed representative for the institutions.  

The survey is repeated in more or less the same form in 2010, and it is therefore possible to trace the development within the respective areas and perceptions.

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Department of Political Science and Public Management University of Southern Denmark

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