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This data set consists of 468 variables and is assembled on the basis of a survey conducted in 1981 immediately after the local and regional elections.  

The study sheds light on different local/municipal circumstances and issues, partly in relation to the local and regional election campaigns in 1981, and partly in relation to the respondent's general interest and participation in local political activities.  

The data set reflects this dual purpose. It covers different themes in relation to the municipal autonomy as well as themes related to research on voting behavior, decision-making etc. - themes which have been covered in earlier election surveys as well. More specifically, the data set covers the following themes:
· Source of information on the municipality and the election  
· General voting behavior  
· Activity during the election campaign and general participation in local political activities as well as membership of various associations and organizations
· Attitudes on various issues (local and national politics, the election, trust etc.)
· Political interest
· Evaluation of the effect of political action
· Economic dispositions/priorities and municipal savings
· Satisfaction with and wishes for municipal services

The data is collected in November-December 1981 by Gallup Markedsanalyse A/S for two project groups, “Central Control, Local Communities and Local Politics” and the election research group, respectively.  1500 respondents selected randomly from a population of 3,940,000 persons have completed the verbal interviews conducted on the basis of structured questionnaires.

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Department of Political Science and Public Management University of Southern Denmark

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