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This study was conducted in 1993 as a part of a large research project on local political affairs in Denmark. The purpose of the program was not only to re-analyze old data but also to a large extent to collect new data on local political issues, this be both qualitative and quantitative data. The data was collected in several rounds. The questions making up this data set were asked by Gallup in the fall of 1993.

The most important themes in the data set are:
- Social biography.
- Party affiliation.
- Voting behavior and reasons for voting.
- Political trust.
- Preferences regarding municipal expenses and taxes.
- Evaluation of the role of the politicians, especially the role of representation.

The data is collected by structured interviews with 1002 respondents. Many of the variables are to be found in other sub-projects as well, not least in the concurrent survey conducted by Ulrik Kjær in November 1993. This survey is parallel to the present Gallup survey.   

The survey is conducted on a representative sample of the Danish population over the age of 15 and living in private households. The sample has been selected by a random procedure.

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Department of Political Science and Public Management University of Southern Denmark

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