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This study is a part of the more extensive project ”The Local Leadership” conducted from 1993-1998 in cooperation between researchers from Odense and Aarhus universities. The purpose of this more extensive study was to acquire knowledge about the recruiting process as well as the de-recruiting process of local politicians. Furthermore, focus was on the management process: How do political and administrative leaders work, how is the cooperation between them and other actors, and how do they perceive the leadership.

This particular study is also related to “The Udite Leadership Study” program, which is a comparative study of city managers in 13 different countries.

The study is conducted as a postal survey with structured questionnaires. The questionnaires were sent to every Danish city manager in the period from November 16, 1995 till December 15, 1995. 200 city managers responded. This equals a response rate of 72.7%. Unfortunately, no documentation is available as to whether these 200 responses are representative for Danish city mangers in general.

The questionnaire covers the following themes:
· Social biography
· Memberships
· The municipality
· The work of a city manager
· Political environment
· Development in the municipal system
· Influence and network

Similar research projects have been conducted in 2006 and 2008, respectively. It is therefore possible to some extent to trace the development in the role and behavior of city managers over time.

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