Dataset: The Danish Social and Political Attitudes Panel Study


Brief abstract of the Danish Social and Political Attitudes Survey 2011/12
The Danish Social and Political Attitudes Survey (SPAPS) 2011/12 is a follow-up survey of respondents interviewed in round 1, 2 and 4 of the European Social Survey (ESS), thus effectively creating a panel survey, which enables tracking individual-level attitudes over time. The survey was designed to cover a number of topics including social and institutional trust, attitudes toward immigrants and immigration, attitudes towards redistribution, and political engagement. A number of questions from the first rounds of the ESS were repeated and, in addition, a new set of questions were also introduced. All of the respondents from ESS 1 (2002/3) and ESS 4 (2008/9), and 600 randomly selected respondents from ESS 2 (2004/5) were targeted for a re-interview in SPAPS. The survey was collected between November 18 2011 and April 9 2012. Respondents were first given the opportunity to respond by means of CAWI and subsequently by CATI given that they had not responded by CAWI. The final sample consists of 1750 respondent (1725 complete and 25 incomplete interviews) resulting in a response rate of 54% excluding ineligibles (those who had died, moved to another country etc.). Excluding those who could not be reached by phone the response rate was 60%.

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The Danish Social and Political Attitudes Panel Study

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