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The survey is a part of the project “Central Control, Local Communities and Local Politics” which is a cross-disciplinary project studying the Danish municipalities from several different angles in order to map the development in governmental control.  

The study seeks to discover and evaluate the most important determinants affecting municipal priorities. Focus is, among other things, on the municipal's choice of budgeting procedures and their priorities in this regard as well as the effects of the framework agreements about limiting municipal expenditures on the actual use of resources in the municipalities. Moreover, the role of organizations, businesses, and the political parties in the municipal decision-making is studied and analyzed.  

The study is conducted as a cross-sectional, one-time survey study with two questionnaires consisting of closed questions. One questionnaire has been sent to central local politicians (that is, the chairs of the committees and members of the financial committee) in a sample of 40 municipalities. The other questionnaire was set to every local politician (excl. the central) in 6 of these municipalities.  

The questions, which are similar for each group, concern the following themes:
1. Municipal economy and political priorities
2. Party group and party organization
3. Municipal employment and business policies
4. Respondent background and work in the municipal council
5. Municipal relations to the state and Local Government Denmark
6. Respondent evaluation of the future development in the municipality

The data was collected in September-October 1981. 294 politicians responded to the questionnaire, 249 of these were central politicians from the 40 municipalities, and 45 were politicians from 6 of the featured municipalities. The 40 municipalities have been selected by stratified sampling (see the technical report), and the politicians have been selected by total count.

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Department of Political Science and Public Management University of Southern Denmark

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