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This study is a part of the more extensive project ”The Local leadership” conducted from 1993-1998 in cooperation between researchers from Odense and Aarhus universities. The purpose of this more extensive study was to acquire knowledge about the recruiting process as well as the de-recruiting process of local politicians. Furthermore, focus was on the management process: How do political and administrative leaders work, how is the cooperation between them and other actors, and how do they perceive the leadership. The project consisted of five sub-projects:
1) Recruitment of politicians
2) Election campaigns and election strategies
3) The role of political parties in local politics
4) Political management
5) Administrative management

The purpose of this particular study was to map and understand the background of mayors and local politicians and also their perception of and attitude toward the work of the council. In order to do this, a questionnaire was developed covering the following themes:  
- Personal engagement and activity in local politics
- Relations to single persons, groups, and organizations in the municipality
- Perception of the work in the council
- Evaluation of modernization tendencies in the municipality
- Perception of the interplay between political and administrative leaders
- Well-being
- Social biography

The study was conducted as a survey, with a questionnaire consisting of closed questions, however supplemented by four open questions - which are not included in this data set. Some of the questions in this questionnaire have been asked in other surveys. However, the study is a cross-sectional, one-time study.

In the fall of 1995 (from 11.09.1995 to 12.31.1995), questionnaires were sent by mail to every council member in 72 Danish municipalities (see the technical report for details on selection) and to every mayor in the remaining 203 Danish municipalities. After one reminder, 1070 questionnaires were returned and used for the development of the present data set. The response rate for the 72 municipalities is 73.7%, whereas the response rate for the remaining mayors is 77.8%. The overall response rate for mayors is 77.1%.

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Department of Political Science and Public Management University of Southern Denmark

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