Dataset: The Danish Longitudinal Study of Ageing


The longitudinal study of ageing was established in 1997. The overall purpose is to provide a base for research about the ageing population in social science, humanities and to some extent social medicine.  

The study is individual-based information. It provides a basis for implementing application oriented and theory-based studies and research within three main fields:
1. The functional ability, well-being, living conditions and lifestyle (everyday life). Furthermore including the experience of loneliness.  
2. The working conditions. Especially focus on retirement, work environment, and how the ageing population can be seen as a resource on the labour market.
3. The ageing population's use of public services and receipt of transfer income.

The Danish longitudinal study of ageing differs from other existing studies, because of the strong focus on social network/social relationship, psychological well-being, the consumption of public care/care service, preferences in terms of housing, and issues concerning retirement, retirement pension and the processes in relation to retirement. The study is unique because it is possible to combine the information with registry data for different analyses. Furthermore the study comprises a sufficient large number of individuals, which enables a wide range of research topics. In relation to the research fields, the overall objective of the study is to contribute to the conduction of five main types of analyses:
1. Age related changes, which means changes for a given birth cohort with increasing age.
2. Generation differences, which means differences between people at the same age, but born in different time periods.
3. Cross-sectional differences e.g. differences in disability, welfare and living conditions between different birth cohorts at a given point in time.
4. Reasons why and when certain events or certain behaviour occurs e.g. retirement, relocation, widowhood and loneliness.
5. The effect of events and conditions concerning retirement, relocation, widowhood and loneliness.

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The Danish Longitudinal Study of Ageing

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SFI - The Danish National Centre for Social Research

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