Dataset: Work, Unemployment, and Early Retirement


The study “Work, Unemployment and Early Retirement 2006-2008” is combined from two surveys using the same questionnaire: Us5809 and Us5900 - extra survey.
A total of six groups were drawn: Recipients of the early retirement benefits, disability pensioners, CRAM-unemployed, AMFORA activated, recipients of social assistance and employed/others.

The data collection period for Us5809 was from October 12th 2006 to December 31st 2007. But since the response rate was substantially lower than expected a new survey (Us5900) was collected. The goal for this survey was to get more responses from CRAM-unemployed, AMFORA-activated, and recipients of social security. The result was 1259 extra respondents. The data collection period for US5900 was from October 18th 2007 to February 26th 2008.

The data collection period for the complete and combined survey was thus from the beginning of October 2006 to the end of February 2008.

Us5809 and Us5900 consist of questionnaire for each of the six groups but with a large amount of common questions. At first the individual groups were contacted by letter. After this CATI-interviews (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) was initiated. If respondents were not reached CAPI-interviews (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) was tried. This gave a total sample of 7544 respondents.

The variables in the CSSR Open Access database are grouped on the basis of the filters in the questionnaire. Overall there are five main groups in the questionnaire but each group has more subdivisions. An example is 2. Questions for unemployed -> If IP has never had a job -> If IP knows people within own field of work. The questions in this category are thus only asked unemployed respondents that previously have had a job and know people within their own field of work.

A number of the questions contain predefined answer categories but at the same time an open category for further elaboration. These open categories have subsequently been recoded, which means, that these questions might have had new categories added, but also, that answers from the open categories might have been recoded into the predefined categories. Both the original and the recoded variables can be found in the dataset. The original are grouped under "Non-coded variables" and has an "x" in the last part of the variable name. The corresponding recoded variable has the same name but without the "x". If the variable expresses a category that has been added subsequently the variable name end with the letters "saml".

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Work, Unemployment, and Early Retirement

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Department of Political Science University of Aalborg

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