Dataset: Arbejde, ledighed og levevilkår


The survey "Work, Unemployment, and Living Conditions" is build on an assumption that the link between ones position in the labour market and marginalization is everything but obvious and therefore should be explored empirically. With a basis in the terms citizenship and marginalization a distinction is made between different areas of social involvement and a distinction is made between different groups of marginalized persons.  

The survey explores the link between marginalization and exclusion from the labour market as well as other areas of social involvement.  
The data set contain samples of employed (n=1.932), unemployed (receiving unemployment benefits, social assistance or in activation, n=1.629), early retired (receiving "Efterløn", n=1.653) and disabled (receiving disability pension, n=1.159). The samples have answered a common module on a broad range of questions such as background, health, life satisfaction, trust, political participation etc. The samples have also answered a sample-specific-module. Unemployed are asked about work orientation, search strategy and networks. Early retired are asked about time of decision, reasons for leaving the labour market etc.

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Arbejde, ledighed og levevilkår

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Department of Political Science University of Aalborg

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